Morning News

    Week at a Glance

Lincoln Elementary School


Mon-Jan. 22nd

Reading for Education Fundraiser starts
Happy Birthday to: Ms Albers and Happy Half Birthday to: Curtis -5A, Zechariah -4A and Ms Hinton on July 22nd

Tues.-Jan. 23rd

7:35 Wonder League
1:40-2:50 5A Cedar View – alarm your pencil box and robot mazes
Happy Half Birthday to: Alexa Barriger-2A on July 23rd                

Wed.-Jan. 24th

No scheduled activities today.
Happy Birthday to: Reese-4A and Landon-KA and Happy Half Birthday to: Olive -KB on July 24th
Don’t forget to get your birthday pencil in the office.

Don’t forget tomorrow
7:35 Wonder League

Acts of Kindness: compliment a  friend.       say hello to everyone you see.       ask someone to play on the playground     be friendly to everyone        smile         Hold the door for others          never bully anyone    Lets all be kind to one another today


Thurs.-Jan. 25th

3:02 Orchestra
Happy Birthday to: Josiah Olmstread-1A

Fri.-Jan. 26th

Reading for Education Fundraiser ends
8:10-8:40 2A & 5A Buddy Activities
5:00-7:30 Orchestra Lock-In at HMS 
Happy Birthday to: Athen-1B and Happy Birthday to: Kordae -1B on Jan. 28th.  Happy Half Birthday to: Callie -4A, Josie -2B, Trenton -2A and Ripley-3B on July 28 Don’t forget to get your birthday pencil in the office.  

Don’t forget Monday
7:25 Orchestra
7:45 Morning News

Acts of Kindness: treat others the way you want to be treated.         always ask permission           say I’m sorry

say good morning       use good manners        don’t talk bad about anyone        say thank you     Control your temper    Lets all be kind to one another today